lost in Berkeley

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man berkeley 7-11 9-2014-09672-3

My guess, this guys from another city.  Los Angeles maybe?

Shot with Sony A7R, FE70-200, 1/1000, f/4, ISO200

Sony A7S

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berkeley crows san pablo 2014-09179

This is straight out of the camera, processed in Lightroom with minor reduction in exposure.  The Sony A7s is remarkable.

32mm lens, f/1.8, 1/1000, ISO 12,800

I followed these crows for a couple blocks (on bike) and then posted up on this corner and snapped shots as they flew by.

Berkeley, California

berkeley crows san pablo 2014-09193

32mm lens, f/2.8, 1/400, ISO 8000

Is this Dan Bailey’s last year too ?

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7-2013 crossfit games dan kyle graham matt rich scott copy

Will Dan Bailey and Rich Froning unite for the NEW 2014 CrossFit fall team event?

Rich Froning and the Crowd at CrossFit Games OPEN 14.5

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3-2014 CrossFit 14.5 rich crowd (3)

The sell out crowd, 4000 strong, at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, loved Rich Froning.

Canon 1DX, Tamaron 70-200, ISO 4000, f/3.2, 1/250 @200mm

Dan Bailey & Rich Froning 2013 CrossFit Regional

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dan bailey rich froning 2013 regional  3 

Dan appeared to  have this event in the bag, with 70 (of 90) feet remaining to the finish line, holding 160lbs in the front rack

dan bailey rich froning 2013 regional  1

With 60 feet to go, Dan drops the weight and Rich takes the lead.

rich froning dan bailey 2013 regionals

Rich crosses the finish line and wins the event.

dan bailey 2013 regional  1a

Dan crosses the finish line with Rich’s support.


rich froning dan bailey 2013 regionals (1)

The judge rules that Dan dropped the weight before completely crossing the finish line.

dan bailey 2013 regional  2a

Dan, 18 inches from the finish line re-racks the 160lbs.

dan bailey 2013 regional  3a 

Dan’s time earned him 2nd place.

dan bailey 2013 regional  4a

This year, 2014, Dan will compete in the So-Cal Regional, in an epic show down, with Josh Bridges.


Dave Castro CrossFit Games OPEN 14.2

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dave castro Ferrari 458 Miami 14.2

We left the hotel at the same time, 6pm, headed towards 14.2 at “I AM CrossFit” in Miami, Florida.  I had a driver, and Dave had to drive himself.  I wasn’t expecting to see him on the crowded Miami highways, but there he was.  I lowered my window and blasted him with the Canon 1DX + Canon 24-70mm.  I snapped 10 photos and this was the best one.


Rich Froning 2013 CrossFit Games Regionals

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rich froning rings 6-13 regional


rich froning rings 6-13 regional (1)

Rich Froning lowering from the top of a muscle up at the 2013 CrossFit Games Regionals.

Rich took first in this event and went on to win his third CrossFit Games.

I shot this from a platform that I should not have been standing on.  It was a platform, to be used specifically for a single video camera that was mounted on a crane (see photo below).  The crane operator was nice enough to let me on his raised (7 feet) platform as long as I moved very gently.   The people at home do not want to see a shaky image!

Lighting at this event was horrible for action photography. This was shot at ISO 12800, 1/640, f/5.6 at 50mm on a Sigma 50-500.

crane 6-13 regional (2)

Paramesh and the helicopter

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hayley paramesh-1-2013

Do you want to see this dog protect his turf!  Click the link below!

IMG_2889 - dog with helicopter

Shot with an iPhone 5S and compressed from 28MB to 1.1MB


more cockroaches

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roaches in a glass2012 (1)

I put them in this glass.  Shot my photos.  I put the roaches in a lot of different scenarios.  Then I returned them to the pet store.

dog latte in Berkeley, California

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dog latte

Dog Latte, shot in Berkeley, California with a Leica M240 & 50mm Noctilux.

Dog is 1/2 chihuahua, 1/2 basenji and the latte was made at the “French Hotel”