Marcus, Rich, Kenneth, Austin & Ben at the 2013 CrossFit Games

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2013 CF marcus rich kenneth austin ben smith

ISO 500
50-500mm Sigma @ 50mm
Canon 1DX


Instagram @sevanmatossian stole my heart


I need to post on the blog, but Instagram is just so easy!

Hayley Parlen rocking the the CrossFit forearms, hands and shoulders.

hayley 2012 hawaii (6)@hayleyparlen shot with Canon 5D Mark III, 50-500mm Sigma, in Kauai, 2012


Josh Bridges – 2013 CrossFit Games, So Cal Regional


josh bridges so-cal regional 2013 (6)

He looks like a champion.  Josh Bridges made it look easy today.  After winning the 100′s work out (event 4), he reached into the audience and plucked a child (his son I presume) from the crowd.  Many other athletes just collapsed after this unbelievable show of strength and power.

josh bridges so-cal regional 2013 (8)

Josh and son after event 4.

jc nessa so-cal regional 2013

JC Nessa after Event 4.


Canon 1DX
Sigma 50-500
ISO 3200, f/6.3, 1/500



Mikko Salo is back


Mikko sevan matossian (2)

It’s been too long for the fans, but it has been worth the wait.  2009 CrossFit Games Champion, Mikko Salo will represent Finland at the CrossFit European Regionals May 17-19th .


CrossFit Regionals – Annie Thorisdottir


The fittest woman on earth will defend her title in 2 weeks at the CrossFit Games.
Photo taken in Copenhagen, at the 2012 CrossFit Games European Regionals.

Graham, Dan and Rich – Central East CrossFit Games Regional – 2012

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An epic all-star battle between these three CrossFit elite.

The 16-35mm is a good lens, even with noticeable distortion when completely wide on a full frame camera.

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 16-35mm lens







Dan Bailey and the heavy pull ups

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Dan Bailey won the 2011 CrossFit Open and took 6th place in the 2011 CrossFit Games.  This year Dan has been training with the 3 best CrossFitters in the world (Mikko Salo (Right), Graham Holmberg, Rich Froning).

ISO 500
Canon 50mm

Dr. Dre, the dog and the woman

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Shot in the studio using a Zeiss 50mm Macro.



Rich Froning – the champ

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He did it, he won the 2011 CrossFit Games.  He took the title and the $250,00o prize money back to Cookeville, Tennessee.

Taking photos of Froning is easy.  He is 100% genuine.

Rich, like any professional, respects the other professionals in his presence.

He did his thing, and I did my thing and the photos just kept flowing.

Here are three more from the Froning collection.

Canon 5D
Canon 24mm lens

Iceland Annie

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She is the fittest woman in the world.  Annie Thorisdottir put on a show of strength, stamina and skills this past July, at the 2011 CrossFit Games.

I am in Iceland this week shooting a journal video with Annie, or as we affectionately call her in the states, Iceland Annie.

Like Rich Froning, Annie is also a photographers dream.  After a long three days of shooting video with Annie, I switched the 5D into photo mode and snapped a few stills.   Here a few, I will post more later.

These photos, were all taken with natural light at ISO 640.  There is a great row of windows at her CrossFit Gym in Reykjavik that lets in the evening sun.

Canon 5D