Back at the Apple store with – Nitin Sawhney



Today the guy who repaired my Iphone (video coming soon) told me that the Apple Store in China is larger than the store in London, Covent Garden, which I was told a few days ago is “the Largest apple store in the World”.  I will visit the store in China and let you know, or you can google it.

Today when I passed the Apple Covent Garden store , I saw a poster for a free live performance starring Nitin Sawhney.

I came back at the stated show time, 6:30PM, and I was blown away.  The three ladies accompanying  Mr. Nitin put on a musical clinic that showcased music that seemed to transport the crowded room to another land.  This was totally unexpected, as I had never heard of this bloke, Mr. Nitin Sawhney or his mystical women.

I have searched YouTube and the Itunes store for the songs I heard performed live at the Apple Store and I have not found them.  A damn shame!

The range of music that these ladies belted out was incredible.

photo stats
Canon 5D
Lens – Canon 16-35mm & 70-200MM
Aperture 3 with NIK plugin
Crumpler Bag

Pepsi Machine Continued

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I met the guy with the Armenia + army fatigues outfit and hat while walking in the mega outdoor cafe area, behind the Yerevan Opera House.  As I passed him, he smiled and put his hand out.  He tried to squeeze my hand as hard as he could, I think this was some sort of male bonding thing.   I pulled my hand away and laughed.

We talked for 40 minutes (video coming soon, not all 40 minutes) and walked to a Pepsi stand (refrigerator).   He told me that he had 3 grandsons who were in the Nagorno Karabakh War and that two of the boys killed an enemy soldier.  He was very proud and told me that his life was now dedicated to spreading Armenian Patriotism.

The young lady is 18, she turns 19 in September.  She has left school because she cannot afford the tuition even though she was a straight A student.  This was her first day working the Pepsi fridge.   She was scheduled for a 13 hour shift.   Her English was broken and she said she learned to speak English from watching TV.

The grey haired guy just showed up out of nowhere.  His name was Sasoon, and he was friends with Mr. Armenia.

Hanging with this crew made for a pleasant afternoon, in the 80 degree Yerevan heat.

photo stats
ISO 160
Canon 5D
16-35mm Lens


3 portraits and a Pepsi machine

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A stroke of luck is scoring 3 top-notch models in one afternoon.  I met this crew one by one over a 1 hour period on the backside of the Opera house in Yerevan.  It was totally random, I just ran into this crew and the photo shoot was on!  They are a stunning bunch.

I used the 16-35mm lens, Canon 580EXII flash, Apple Mac Book Pro, 64 GB Pro Master flash card, Think Tank Sling-O-Matic 10 carrying bag, Aperture 3 and NIK software.

I moved between the subjects.  I would shoot one person for a few shots then another person.  I used this technique for three reasons. I did not want to make anybody feel self-conscious.  I wanted the subject, to WANT to be filmed, as opposed to getting too much attention and wanting a break.  I noticed that each time I came back to one of the super models, they would be less interested in the camera, and I would get a more natural shot.

Eventually some strange characters came, KGB type, thuggish guys, and I split, but more of that story in another post, along with some video.

If you are sitting on the fence regarding the NIK complete software set up, get off the fence and make the purchase.  If you love your photos, and want to treat them to something special, the NIK software will be your new favorite gear.  I use NIK as an Aperture plugin.

Zeiss 50mm Makro from Duclos Lens


Yes, this lens is good.  Yes, it has a look that is obviously different from the Canon glass.  Click here to see the price list from Duclos.  This is a Zeiss, lens made for Nikon cameras that has been modified for Canon EOS.

The lens has no auto focus, and at f/2.0 getting sharp focus is lucky, I mean a skill that needs to be worked on.  I have been shooting in AV mode 50% of the time (aperture priority mode) when using this lens.  Normally, I shoot all manual exposure settings and auto focus when using Canon lens.  But, I wanted to free mind up from exposure concerns and give the focus ring my complete attention.

Video is coming very soon.

I shot these three people on the streets of Vancouver, Canada.

photo stats
Canon 5D
Zeiss ZF Nikon Mount 50mm 2.0
I don’t know what the f-stop was when I shot these.  I am going to guess around 4 – 5.6

A bit of history on the subjects.

The guy on the left was sitting at Starbucks on Robson in Vancouver.  Actually, there was a beautiful woman sitting in a chair and I started to snap some photos of her, then this guy rolled up and sat with her.  So, I snapped a few photos of him too.  He was a bit shy, yet photogenic.  He is a filmmaker/animator in Vancouver.

The guy in the middle was sitting at a Tim Horton’s next to three police officers and still offered to sell me hash or marijuana in 10 dollar increments, “really good stuff”.  He was a nice guy, a bit difficult to understand.  The police seemed to be aware that he was peddling produce, but were non-reactive.  I did not buy any weed, but I snapped a few great photos of the lad.

The lady on the far right, was watching a giant monitor on a Vancouver street.  The screen was being watched by thousands of Vancouverians as they watched their beloved Canucks get whooped in game 6 of the Stanley Cup.  I asked her if I could snap a few photos and she graciously accepted.



Birds using Canon 16-35mm Lens in Miami

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Miami Beach 2011

After a long day of shooting a piece for CrossFit and ISR, I shot a few stills of Karianne Dickson, as she goes for a dip in the Atlantic Ocean.  I used NIK Silver EFEX Pro 2 to make the black & white.

Camera – 7D
Canon 16-35MM Lens
ISO 160

Meet the Painter – Petik Pogosyan

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I stumbled upon Peto Poghosyan, 29 while walking through Yerevan.  He was preparing for an exhibition.  Meeting and running into artists is a common site in Armenia.  The country is very supportive and respectful of the arts.  Dancing, painting, musical pursuits are common and respected endeavors in Armenia.

photo stats
Canon 16-35mm
Canon 5D
NIK software in post