Charles Barkley Interview

posted on 2011.06.04, under Interviews
I have interviewed thousands of people in over sixty countries.  I treat them all the same, including my interview with Charles Barkley.
Last week I got called to interview Charles Barkley in Atlanta, Georgia (I love working for CrossFit).  Barkley is a class act and very easy to interview.  Before I went into the interview I had a quick chat with myself.
I came up with these 7 elements that make every interview go to perfection.

1. Turn on the mic
2. Enjoy yourself
3. Show sincerity as you would with a loved one
4. Don’t feel rushed and come with cameras blazing
5.  Listen carefully and be hyper attentive to your subject
6. Don’t interrupt your subject.  Give them space, moments of silence between your questions.  Let the subject fill the moments of silence with more information – don’t rush follow-up questions.
7. Double check the mic.


You can see part of the interview for free at


Canon 5D on board mic test

posted on 2011.05.20, under Canon 5D Mark II, Interviews, Lens

I was walking the dog through campus and I ran into Steve Litwack.  He is on staff at UC Berkeley and he was practicing the trumpet on this particular Sunday.   I shot some footage for 15 minutes, edited for 30 minutes, and rendered and exported for 15 minutes.

An hour later, I present to you, the Canon 5D “on board mic test”.  This was shot with a Canon 5D using the onboard mic.  No external mic was used.  Turned out better than I expected.

I used the Canon 16-35MM lens.  This lens is noticeably more enjoyable to use on the 5D then on the 7D.  The full size sensor of the 5D really allowed me to get the most out of this lens.  I had greater control and more options controlling the depth of field.