Man and Canine

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Canon 5D
Zeis 50 (2.0)
Elinchrom Ranger 


Arc De Triomphe

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My favorite element in this photo is the people standing on top of the ADT.

Canon 5D
Canon 100mm macro 2.8
ISO 100


Canon 24mm, the “GO TO” lens

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The Canon 24mm lens is the most reliable and versatile lens I own.  I like the 16-35, as a “go to” lens, and it is a great lens, but the 24mm has a unique look.

I get great video and photos on both the Canon 5D and the 7D with the 24.   For shooting in low light, it can’t be beat.

Here is a Thanksgiving landscape shot in Benicia, California.

Canon 5D
ISO 100
HDR – 8 photos




Dan Bailey

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Dan Bailey won the 2011 CrossFit Open.  Out of 30,000+ competitors around the globe, this 26-year-old from Ohio, USA took first place.  Not only did Dan win the Open, but he took 6th place at the 2011 CrossFit Games in Carson, California.

This picture was taken at Rogue headquarters, Columbus Ohio.  It was a 2 hour shoot with Dan Bailey and Mikko Salo.  I wish it could have been a 4 hour shoot, these guys are great!

Canon 5D
Canon 580 EXII
Canon 50mm 1.2


Graham Holmberg – the champ

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In 2010, the fittest man alive was Graham Holmberg.  In 2011 he finished 4th place at the CrossFit Games.
These stats are mega impressive and definitely make Graham a front-runner for 2012.

This shot was captured in Graham’s gym in Columbus, Ohio in June of 2011, just prior to the CrossFit Games.


Canon 5D
Canon flash 580EX11
Canon lens 16-35mm

who is the fittest

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We would need to decide on a criteria, a set of guidelines, a set of observable, measurable and repeatable data points, to decide what species is the fittest.

There are 10 quintillion insects on the planet earth at any given moment.  That is a “1″ with 19 zeros following.  That is 1 billion insects for every human being.

These flies were enjoying some feces (unknown animal) in the San Diego desert.

Canon 7D
Canon Macro lens 65 MP-E
Canon MT 24 EX flash


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I went back to Predation CrossFit today to take photos of Erin LaVoie, the lumber jack queen.

It is always a pleasure and perfect opportunity for a photographer, or filmmaker to work with talented and dedicated individuals.

The subject in front of your camera can be focused on anything; computer programming, painting, running, playing with legos, ANYTHING.  When the subject in front of the camera has pure dedication to their specific art form or task, it is easy to capture good photos, and qute possible to capture great photos. Dedication and talent is inspired by dedication and talent.

Canon 7D, 50mm f1.2 lens

BODY made by CrossFit

Spokane, Washington in September

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Spokane is the second largest city in the state of Washington, second to Seattle.  The people are noticeably warm and friendly.  There is an abundance of beauty within and surrounding the city.

Photos Stats
Canon 7D
Canon 8-15mm f4 lens
HDR using NIK software

Iceland Annie

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She is the fittest woman in the world.  Annie Thorisdottir put on a show of strength, stamina and skills this past July, at the 2011 CrossFit Games.

I am in Iceland this week shooting a journal video with Annie, or as we affectionately call her in the states, Iceland Annie.

Like Rich Froning, Annie is also a photographers dream.  After a long three days of shooting video with Annie, I switched the 5D into photo mode and snapped a few stills.   Here a few, I will post more later.

These photos, were all taken with natural light at ISO 640.  There is a great row of windows at her CrossFit Gym in Reykjavik that lets in the evening sun.

Canon 5D


The Three C’s

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I ran into Chad on an early morning walk in Berkeley, headed east on University Ave.  He was kind enough to let me snap a few photos.


CANON 70-200 MM lens
ISO 320