5 great pictures in a life time

posted on 2012.12.02, under Other People's Videos, Video

Watch this short video about a project with a 35 foot camera, that captures vanishing cultures, and a photographer that sets the bar high - Dennis Manarchy

talent and creativity

posted on 2011.12.03, under Film Reviews, Other People's Videos, Uncategorized, Video

What you see, is what you get.  Nothing over the top, no mega crane shots and probably shot with a video camera (not a DSLR).

I watched this video 6 times in 2 days.  I enjoyed the video on every screening and saw or heard something new every time.

I would put this Smog and Fog production up against one of SNL Andy Samberg videos.


If you like cameras

posted on 2011.05.30, under Other People's Videos

I watched it 3 times.  I like it!  Hats off to these guys at the Camera Store.