Time Lapse using the Framographer App on Iphone 4S

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I collected these shots using the Framographer App

iPhone 4S
snap mount
ultra pod
ollo clip



Meeting the “Philip Bloom” Community

posted on 2011.07.15, under HDR Photos, Photos, Reviews, Time Lapse, Video

Yes, an entire community has formed around this cat, Philip Bloom.  I was in the UK shooting the CrossFit European Regional ( you know I love CrossFit) and I just happened to be flying into London at 2pm, the same day Mr. Bloom was having a party at 6:30PM.

This particular meet up was focused on HDR time lapse photography.

Philip was extremely generous with his time and one on one attention.  The crowd was large.  It felt like there were 100 people, but it was probably  more like 60.  Most of the people were young men carrying tripods and Canon cameras.  Everyone was nice.  Even the guy who “knew everything” (there is always one of these guys) was nice.   The community around Philip is a genuine geeked out cine posse.

I did not exchange more than 50 words with Philip, but it was still worth the 4 hours of my life.   I met good people and Philip was great.

Here is a quick video I threw together.  The footage shows Philip walking us through an HDR time lapse.   The video is about 12 minutes of a candid one shot.

Yes, if Philip is in your hood, you should go see him.  You can’t miss him, he will be the biggest presence in the room and have the funny accent.

I met a great lad named Chris Watts and this is his video from the “meet up”.

And a couple photos from the event.  If you want more photos of gear that was used at the meet up, click here.  Thanks Phillip!