Harvey, Berkeley Portrait

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My friend Harvey looking into the Zeiss 50mm Makro.

ISO 320,
Canon 5D Mark II

Man and Canine

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Canon 5D
Zeis 50 (2.0)
Elinchrom Ranger 


Dr. Dre, the dog and the woman

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Shot in the studio using a Zeiss 50mm Macro.



Zeiss 50 Macro 2.0

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I picked up a Zeiss 50mm macro from Duclos lenses.  I don’t use it as much as I wish I did.

Great lens, unique feel, unique look, no auto focus and exterior aperture ring.

This lens is not for the lazy shooter.  You must be vigilant with keeping your subject in focus.  The lens is sharp and attention to detail on the part of the photographer is vital for good pictures.

Love the lens and love the video conversion Duclos applied to this lens which was originally a Nikon mount.

These photos were shot at the CrossFit Northeast Regional in 2011.

CrossFit North East Regionals – a photographer’s dream

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On the road to the CrossFit Games there are many regional events.  One of the biggest regional competitions took place this year at the Reebok World Headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts.

I attended the event and it is a photographer’s dream!  The worlds greatest athletes go hard, and there are unlimited moments worth capturing.  It is really like shooting ducks in a barrel, or fish or something in a barrel.

I submitted this photo and it was used on the CrossFit.com main site.

I love it when they use a photo I submit.

I shot this using the Canon 5D and the Zeiss Nikon 50mm Makro, 2.0 that I had modified at Duclos.  Buying this lens is some of the best money I have spent on camera gear ever.

CrossFit North East Regionals


Zeiss 50mm Makro from Duclos Lens


Yes, this lens is good.  Yes, it has a look that is obviously different from the Canon glass.  Click here to see the price list from Duclos.  This is a Zeiss, lens made for Nikon cameras that has been modified for Canon EOS.

The lens has no auto focus, and at f/2.0 getting sharp focus is lucky, I mean a skill that needs to be worked on.  I have been shooting in AV mode 50% of the time (aperture priority mode) when using this lens.  Normally, I shoot all manual exposure settings and auto focus when using Canon lens.  But, I wanted to free mind up from exposure concerns and give the focus ring my complete attention.

Video is coming very soon.

I shot these three people on the streets of Vancouver, Canada.

photo stats
Canon 5D
Zeiss ZF Nikon Mount 50mm 2.0
I don’t know what the f-stop was when I shot these.  I am going to guess around 4 – 5.6

A bit of history on the subjects.

The guy on the left was sitting at Starbucks on Robson in Vancouver.  Actually, there was a beautiful woman sitting in a chair and I started to snap some photos of her, then this guy rolled up and sat with her.  So, I snapped a few photos of him too.  He was a bit shy, yet photogenic.  He is a filmmaker/animator in Vancouver.

The guy in the middle was sitting at a Tim Horton’s next to three police officers and still offered to sell me hash or marijuana in 10 dollar increments, “really good stuff”.  He was a nice guy, a bit difficult to understand.  The police seemed to be aware that he was peddling produce, but were non-reactive.  I did not buy any weed, but I snapped a few great photos of the lad.

The lady on the far right, was watching a giant monitor on a Vancouver street.  The screen was being watched by thousands of Vancouverians as they watched their beloved Canucks get whooped in game 6 of the Stanley Cup.  I asked her if I could snap a few photos and she graciously accepted.