Back at the Apple store with – Nitin Sawhney



Today the guy who repaired my Iphone (video coming soon) told me that the Apple Store in China is larger than the store in London, Covent Garden, which I was told a few days ago is “the Largest apple store in the World”.  I will visit the store in China and let you know, or you can google it.

Today when I passed the Apple Covent Garden store , I saw a poster for a free live performance starring Nitin Sawhney.

I came back at the stated show time, 6:30PM, and I was blown away.  The three ladies accompanying  Mr. Nitin put on a musical clinic that showcased music that seemed to transport the crowded room to another land.  This was totally unexpected, as I had never heard of this bloke, Mr. Nitin Sawhney or his mystical women.

I have searched YouTube and the Itunes store for the songs I heard performed live at the Apple Store and I have not found them.  A damn shame!

The range of music that these ladies belted out was incredible.

photo stats
Canon 5D
Lens – Canon 16-35mm & 70-200MM
Aperture 3 with NIK plugin
Crumpler Bag

World Largest Apple Store and the best portable hard drive

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I enjoy going to Apple stores.  In every city I go to, I just like to visit the local Apple Store.  This particular store surprised me. London Covent Garden Store, is the largest Apple store on the planet.   Well, that’s what the employees tell me, and it is huge.  The employees at this location were extremely nice and open to taking photos. If you are in London, you must check this place out.

On a side note, it is a shame that Apple stores do not sell this hard drive – Lacie 1TB Little Big Disk, which in my experience is the best portable video editing drive around.  Nothing comes close, and I have owned and used at least 50, 1 TB portable drives.

I have not used Thunderbolt yet, although my laptop has the port.  I am not sure if I will use Thunderbolt drives if they are not compatible with my desk top, which does not have a Thunderbolt port.

Handheld with the Canon 16-35mm & 5D

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This 13th century church sits on top of a hill in Ushi, Armenia.  I hiked about 1000 meters up a grassy hillside with my gear (see video).  The ancient church was beautiful, creepy, and an opportunity I could not miss.  Places like this don’t exist in the USA, and if they do, they have been roped off and access is from afar (i.e. Montezuma Castle).   I knew the rain was coming.  The clouds were dark so I quickly grabbed as many shots as I could in 30 minutes and then ran back down the hill.

I have included 2 videos, one that shows my gear and one that shows the church, and a couple photos I snapped from the hill-top.  90% of the shots are with the 16-35mm and a couple of shots are with the 70-200mm.

Close, Medium & Wide in London

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It was raining on and off today in London.   I wish I could have gone up in the crane for a closer look.

I used the Canon 70-200mm lens on all three shots.  Although none of these shots is a standout by itself, when seen together, it paints a nice portrait (which is a different creature than a narrative).

Mount Ararat HDR

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Three photos of Mount Ararat.  Actually 9 photos turned into 3 photos.  I used the 70-200mm lens on the Canon 7D and the 16-35mm lens on the Canon 5D.  Ararat and Yerevan make for great subject matter.

HDR – Photomatix and NIK software – Mount Ararat, Armenia

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High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR) is basically the technique of taking multiple photographs at different exposure settings and blending them together, to create one photograph.  This new photograph created from multiple photographs now covers a larger “exposure” range than any single photograph can display on its own.  There is software that blends the photographs together.

I started off using Photmatix for HDR.   It is a great plugin for Aperture 3 and it is easy to use.  Just take a few photos and, click the mouse a couple times and you get something incredible, a high dynamic range photo!  I was in awe!   Then I purchased the complete NIK set of plugins for Aperture 3.  NIK is incredible.  Here are two sets of photos photos – one with Photmatix and one with NIK HDR efex pro.

I really can’t say which program is better.  I definitely like using both plugins and have not chosen one over the other.  I do believe that the NIK software is more robust and offers more options.


Echo Sculpture Part 2

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Here is another Echo photo from Madison Square Park in New York City. I went back for another visit and snapped a few shots with the Canon 70-200 (2.8) mm lens. These are the first HDR photos I have taken with this lens.



Photo Stats:

Canon 7D
75 mm lens
ISO: 100


Juame Plensa: Echo-Madison Sqaure Park

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I had a gig in NYC this week.  OH  I LOVE THIS PLACE!  I went on one of my usual 100+ block walks and passed through Madison Square Park.

I saw a sculpture that just stopped me in my tracks.  It was large and 3 dimensional, but when I stared at it for more than a few seconds it appeared to become flat, 2D, like a photo.

The interaction with the sculpture facilitated peace and comfort to my state of mind.  It was a great experience.  I saw the creator, Jaume Plensa from afar, but I got a chance to speak with Mary Bosakowski, a filmmaker who was documenting the installation process.   This work is called “ECHO”  and it is worth checking out!





















Photo Stats:

Canon 7D
ISO: 160




Alien HDR photo

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During a shoot in Miami I went for a walk and grabbed this photo.  The neighborhood was run down and bit scary.   It was the sort of neighborhood where people immediately think that either you are a cop or looking to buy cheap drugs.

The homes were barely standing and most structures had less than half their windows intact.  This area is just on the other side of the tracks, only about 5 miles from South Beach Miami and its gazillion dollar lifestyle.

I took three photos and used photomatix plugin on Aperture 3 to turn them into one photo.  This is called HDR photography.  You can see the three photos I used.
If you want to experience amazing glass quality and can only afford one lens, the Canon 24mm is THE lens.  This is an epic piece of glass.























Photo Stats :

Canon 7D
Lens: 24mm
ISO: 160
SS: 1/200, 1/50, 1/13

Using HDR with people

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Some say, “you can’t do HDR with people”.

I say, just make them stand still and take plenty of extra photos.  We stopped at a gas station in Sweden after a shoot and I grabbed this photo of CrossFit trainer extraordinaire Mads Jacobsen.  I used the photomatix plugin with Aperture 3.

Photomatix, takes all three photos and smashes them together.   Very cool!  


1) 2)
3) final

Interactive Whiteboards by PolyVision



Photo stats:
Canon 7D
Lens: 18-200 EFS
ISO: 160
SS: 1/60, 1/400,1/2500

It took me two, 10 minute sessions with Aperture 3 and photomatix to create this photo.


Which do I like better, Photomatix or NIK HDR PRO ? … to be continued