The Spider, The Bee, and the Flies

posted on 2012.05.16, under bugs, Canon 5D Mark III, Flash, insects, Macro

I tried to go on a walk this sunny San Diego morning, but I did not make it 30 feet out the front door, before I found this spectacular photo opportunity.

This green spider captured the bee and several small flies (?) have jumped on board.

Video coming soon!

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 65mm MP-E macro lens
Canon Macro Flash MT 24-EX 

Scottsdale insect in December

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Canon 5D
Canon MP-E 65mm
Canon Macro Flash MT 24 EX

Hawaii in January

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Hawaii in January at Waimea Valley.  I was happy to find a tree covered in hoppers inside the botanical gardens.

I did have problems getting in super close with the Canon MR 14.  The front ring made 4 and 5 X, shots (with the 65mm MP-E) impossible.  Next week I am going to Dubai and Kenya and I will take the MT 24EX.  This will allow me to get in closer to my subjects.

CANON 5D, CANON 65mm MP-E Lens, CANON MR14EX Flash

Lady Bug, Rose Bud and Aphids

posted on 2011.11.18, under bugs, Canon 5D Mark II, insects, Macro

The Canon 65mm MP-E is a remarkable lens.

This is as wide as this lens shoots.  Without a flash or some additional light it would be nearly impossible to get
this photo without the ISO being 2500 to 6400.

This was captured using the Canon 5D at ISO 100, f13, 1/200 using a the canon Twin Lite MT-24EX.

Ambush Bugs in Arizona

posted on 2011.10.29, under bugs, insects, Macro, Photos

The tiny hunter.  The ambush bug was plentiful in Prescott, Arizona.  8 of these little guys could fit on a thumb nail.

Canon 5D
Canon 65mm MP-E
Canon Macro Flash MT-24ex

who is the fittest

posted on 2011.10.09, under bugs, Canon 7D, insects, Lens, Macro

We would need to decide on a criteria, a set of guidelines, a set of observable, measurable and repeatable data points, to decide what species is the fittest.

There are 10 quintillion insects on the planet earth at any given moment.  That is a “1″ with 19 zeros following.  That is 1 billion insects for every human being.

These flies were enjoying some feces (unknown animal) in the San Diego desert.

Canon 7D
Canon Macro lens 65 MP-E
Canon MT 24 EX flash