5 great pictures in a life time

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Watch this short video about a project with a 35 foot camera, that captures vanishing cultures, and a photographer that sets the bar high - Dennis Manarchy

Time Lapse using the Framographer App on Iphone 4S

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I collected these shots using the Framographer App

iPhone 4S
snap mount
ultra pod
ollo clip



Canon EOS C300 1 minute video with 3 lens

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When the eyes go black, the insect is dead.  Notice the eyes of the Mosquito Hawk in the video.  Is he dead ?


Canon EOS C300 Cinema EOS Camcorder (EF Lens Mount)

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I opened the Canon EOS C300, charged the battery and took her out to the back yard.  This was shot in about 30 minutes.  I used 3 lens (f/2.8 100mm, f/1.4 24mm, MP-E 65mm Macro) and a slider)

talent and creativity

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What you see, is what you get.  Nothing over the top, no mega crane shots and probably shot with a video camera (not a DSLR).

I watched this video 6 times in 2 days.  I enjoyed the video on every screening and saw or heard something new every time.

I would put this Smog and Fog production up against one of SNL Andy Samberg videos.


Ancient Church Video

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Just up the hill from my Dad’s house in Ushi, Armenia, there is an old 13th Century Church.  It was a church, and I guess it is still a church.  It is busted up a bit, but considering it is 700+ years old, it looks pretty cool.  I was the only one around during filming.  It was a bit eerie.

I shot hand held using mostly the 16-35 on the Canon 5D. There are two tripod shots and one or two shots with the Canon 70-200.  I spent about 90 minutes hiking up/down the hill and filming.  I spent another 90 minutes assembling, another 90 minutes rendering/uploading to youtube on my lap top.  I am guessing a total of 270 minutes on a short 1 man production like this.

Here is a video showing the equipment I took up the hill with me.

Meeting the “Philip Bloom” Community

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Yes, an entire community has formed around this cat, Philip Bloom.  I was in the UK shooting the CrossFit European Regional ( you know I love CrossFit) and I just happened to be flying into London at 2pm, the same day Mr. Bloom was having a party at 6:30PM.

This particular meet up was focused on HDR time lapse photography.

Philip was extremely generous with his time and one on one attention.  The crowd was large.  It felt like there were 100 people, but it was probably  more like 60.  Most of the people were young men carrying tripods and Canon cameras.  Everyone was nice.  Even the guy who “knew everything” (there is always one of these guys) was nice.   The community around Philip is a genuine geeked out cine posse.

I did not exchange more than 50 words with Philip, but it was still worth the 4 hours of my life.   I met good people and Philip was great.

Here is a quick video I threw together.  The footage shows Philip walking us through an HDR time lapse.   The video is about 12 minutes of a candid one shot.

Yes, if Philip is in your hood, you should go see him.  You can’t miss him, he will be the biggest presence in the room and have the funny accent.

I met a great lad named Chris Watts and this is his video from the “meet up”.

And a couple photos from the event.  If you want more photos of gear that was used at the meet up, click here.  Thanks Phillip!





Into the Beehive with the Canon 5D

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I shot this video using the Canon 5D and the Canon 16-35mm lens.   No external microphone was used.   I shot this in about 1 hour, came home, transcoded (using MPEG Streamclip), imported into Final Cut Pro and exported in about 2-3 hours.  Total project took about 4-5 hours.

I used Magic Bullet Looks, which significantly increased the rendering time.  I was doing some photo editing on Aperture and it took my computer (MacBook Pro 2.3, i7, 8GB ram) about 2 hours to render this 11+ minute clip.

I shot the photos, using the 16-35mm, using pocket wizard TT5,  and hand held the 580EXii.  Approximate settings – 1/250, f13, ISO 160

I shot the video in Ushi, Armenia.  The guy in the video, Merooj, is a friend of my Dad’s.  He brings his bee’s to 3 different feeding locations a year. My Dad’s home happens to be one of these locations. The bees may travel up to  3 miles away from the hive in search of flowers.  Merooj has no fear and does not flinch when he is stung by a bee; he actually smiles.

Shooting was a bit difficult.  I was always aware that I was standing amongst 30 hives and bees would fly into my body every few seconds.   As it got hot the bees became more active and it felt more congested then a New York sidewalk.  But the real difficult issue was keeping the camera in focus.  It was extremely bright outside and the cloudy sky was creating an intense contrast.   I was never 100% confident with exposure and focus.   I have a marshal monitor (5 inch), but the hassle is not worth the benefits, so I did not use it.  I have since ordered an EVF from Zacuto that runs off of Canon batteries.  I’ll let you guys know how the EVF (electronic view finder) works when I get it.


Handheld with the Canon 16-35mm & 5D

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This 13th century church sits on top of a hill in Ushi, Armenia.  I hiked about 1000 meters up a grassy hillside with my gear (see video).  The ancient church was beautiful, creepy, and an opportunity I could not miss.  Places like this don’t exist in the USA, and if they do, they have been roped off and access is from afar (i.e. Montezuma Castle).   I knew the rain was coming.  The clouds were dark so I quickly grabbed as many shots as I could in 30 minutes and then ran back down the hill.

I have included 2 videos, one that shows my gear and one that shows the church, and a couple photos I snapped from the hill-top.  90% of the shots are with the 16-35mm and a couple of shots are with the 70-200mm.

Beehive in Armenia at 29.97 and 59.97

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I used the Canon 5D at 29.97 and the 7D at 59.97 and then conformed some of the 59.97 in cinema tools for some slow motion.   I made the audio track in soundtrack.  Yes, getting that close to 50 beehives required some deep breathing.  It was my first time approaching a beehive in this lifetime.  I messed with the footage a bit in Magic Bullet Looks.  I used a Gitzo tripod.