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I watched it 3 times.  I like it!  Hats off to these guys at the Camera Store.

Time Lapse of Yerevan Cascades

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The Cascades are large.  4 or 5 huge flights of stairs that surely intimidate the lazy and invigorate the CrossFitter.  Going to Yerevan and not climbing the Cascades is like going to the prom and not. . . . not dancing.  I stopped for a couple hours and shot this video on the second highest flight of stairs.

In the distance one can see Mount Ararat, but you better look hard!

I used the Canon 5D, Canon 7D, 16-35mm lens, 70-200mm lens and the Canon Intervalometer.

And…. and I often neglect to mention the other gear – I also used the Think Tank 10 sling bag,
and the Gitzmo tripod with the Induro head.

Here are some gear photos + Cascade and Mount Ararat photos









Birds using Canon 16-35mm Lens in Miami

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Miami Beach 2011

After a long day of shooting a piece for CrossFit and ISR, I shot a few stills of Karianne Dickson, as she goes for a dip in the Atlantic Ocean.  I used NIK Silver EFEX Pro 2 to make the black & white.

Camera – 7D
Canon 16-35MM Lens
ISO 160

drinking fountains that always run

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I guess there is no shortage of water in Armenia.   Sprinkled throughout Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, you can find drinking fountains that are always running.  This particular 5 person fountain is located just outside the National Gallery of Armenia.

HDR – Photomatix and NIK software – Mount Ararat, Armenia

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High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR) is basically the technique of taking multiple photographs at different exposure settings and blending them together, to create one photograph.  This new photograph created from multiple photographs now covers a larger “exposure” range than any single photograph can display on its own.  There is software that blends the photographs together.

I started off using Photmatix for HDR.   It is a great plugin for Aperture 3 and it is easy to use.  Just take a few photos and, click the mouse a couple times and you get something incredible, a high dynamic range photo!  I was in awe!   Then I purchased the complete NIK set of plugins for Aperture 3.  NIK is incredible.  Here are two sets of photos photos – one with Photmatix and one with NIK HDR efex pro.

I really can’t say which program is better.  I definitely like using both plugins and have not chosen one over the other.  I do believe that the NIK software is more robust and offers more options.


shepherd & sheep

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Sheep & Shepherd

I would guess that I have seen a man with a flock of sheep in at least half of the 60+ countries I have filmed in.  Armenia was no different.  This was a standard drive by on a flock and the shepherd.  This shepherd was particularly friendly.   I snapped this photo as we were going about 10mph.

photo stats
Canon 5D
16-35 @ 16mm
ISO 160

Meet the Painter – Petik Pogosyan

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I stumbled upon Peto Poghosyan, 29 while walking through Yerevan.  He was preparing for an exhibition.  Meeting and running into artists is a common site in Armenia.  The country is very supportive and respectful of the arts.  Dancing, painting, musical pursuits are common and respected endeavors in Armenia.

photo stats
Canon 16-35mm
Canon 5D
NIK software in post


Canon 16-35 in Armenia – Narrative in pictures

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I was hanging out in Yerevan, outside my relatives house, and this car was cruising through the neighborhood selling goods from the trunk.  No it wasn’t Too-Short selling his latest single.  It was a man and a woman who make a living selling produce from their trunk.  I knew they were legit when I saw the scale on the back seat.  All photos were tinkered with using Aperture 3.

The 16-35 on the 5D is an experience that all dedicated photographers and filmmakers should have!  If you can get near your subject, this lens should be at the top of your goto list.   You will need to accept some distortion around the edges.  I personally like this effect.  As a viewer, it makes me feel as if I have entered somebody’s personal space!

Video with Canon 65mm MP-E lens

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The MP-E macro lens with the MT-24EX flash is a child’s dream.  If I would have had this lens/flash combo as a child I would have never put it down.

Walking home from the French Hotel, one of my favorite hangouts, I stopped and took some photos with a 24mm lens on a 5D and I shot some video with the 7D and the Canon Macro Lens, 65mm MP-E.   I shot this footage at 30p, ISO 5000, shutter speed 60 and F/16.

This is just a quick glimpse a 2 minute handheld session.

More reviews of this lens flash combo to come!

And if you are ever in Berkeley, California, the French Hotel is a must stop for coffee-house lovers.  I have been to 1000 coffee houses around the world, this place is numero uno.

Ushi, Armenia (2) with the 70-200mm

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As I mentioned in an earlier post – I am in Armenia with my dad.  The town you see in these photos is Ushi, Armenia.  The town population is 2000 and it is 20 miles outside of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.  It is late May and it has been raining for 7 days, and everything is green.

The Canon 70-200mm lens with a steady hand, is a dream lens.   You really do need to concentrate on holding this paper weight still.  As you look through the view finder, you can really notice the slights jiggle or deviation from your desired framing.

I have seen many of these lens take abuse far beyond what I thought a lens could handle.  I have seen these lens in Antarctica in freezing blizzards, the vicious heat of the Gobi Desert in China, and the 50+ mile an hour sand storms of the Atacama – and this lens just keeps on rolling.  My lens got pretty darn wet today, and I wasn’t concerned in the least.

The lens was on a Canon 7D.