Annie Thorisdottir aka Iceland Annie

posted on 2011.09.29, under Canon 5D Mark II, Photos

The fittest woman in the world, CrossFit extraordinaire, 2011 CrossFit Games Champion, as seen on ESPN, Annie Thorisdottir.  She is only 21 years old, and appears to be unstoppable.  The people love her, the camera loves her and she loves CrossFit.  If you have not seen her on the CrossFit ESPN shows, you need too.  You can see this amazing body, amazing woman in action.


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I went back to Predation CrossFit today to take photos of Erin LaVoie, the lumber jack queen.

It is always a pleasure and perfect opportunity for a photographer, or filmmaker to work with talented and dedicated individuals.

The subject in front of your camera can be focused on anything; computer programming, painting, running, playing with legos, ANYTHING.  When the subject in front of the camera has pure dedication to their specific art form or task, it is easy to capture good photos, and qute possible to capture great photos. Dedication and talent is inspired by dedication and talent.

Canon 7D, 50mm f1.2 lens

BODY made by CrossFit

Rich Froning – the champ

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He did it, he won the 2011 CrossFit Games.  He took the title and the $250,00o prize money back to Cookeville, Tennessee.

Taking photos of Froning is easy.  He is 100% genuine.

Rich, like any professional, respects the other professionals in his presence.

He did his thing, and I did my thing and the photos just kept flowing.

Here are three more from the Froning collection.

Canon 5D
Canon 24mm lens

Spokane is not an average city

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The people in Spokane are nice.  They are nicer and more hospitable than any other city I have ever visited.  Yesterday, while eating at Spencer’s restaurant, the waiter brought me a new cup of coffee rather than topping off my old cup.  And who doesn’t love a fresh cup of coffee!

The city has maps placed on the ground for easy reading, easy use, easy everything, and the map even has a QR code!  Yes, Spokane has arrived.

Spokane, Washington in September

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Spokane is the second largest city in the state of Washington, second to Seattle.  The people are noticeably warm and friendly.  There is an abundance of beauty within and surrounding the city.

Photos Stats
Canon 7D
Canon 8-15mm f4 lens
HDR using NIK software

Erin LaVoie – CrossFit Lumber Jack Champion

posted on 2011.09.14, under Photos

The 16 hour drive from Berkeley to Spokane Washington proved to be worth the effort.  Erin Lavoie, owner of Predation CrossFit is a world champion lumber jack competitor.  I came out to Spokane to do a feature story on Erin for the CrossFit Journal.   The story will climax with Erin competing in a major Lumber jack event in Idaho this Sunday.  I snapped these photos at Erin’s gymnastic class this evening.  It will be great to see Erin compete in the CrossFit open in 2012.

Iceland Annie

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She is the fittest woman in the world.  Annie Thorisdottir put on a show of strength, stamina and skills this past July, at the 2011 CrossFit Games.

I am in Iceland this week shooting a journal video with Annie, or as we affectionately call her in the states, Iceland Annie.

Like Rich Froning, Annie is also a photographers dream.  After a long three days of shooting video with Annie, I switched the 5D into photo mode and snapped a few stills.   Here a few, I will post more later.

These photos, were all taken with natural light at ISO 640.  There is a great row of windows at her CrossFit Gym in Reykjavik that lets in the evening sun.

Canon 5D


The best portable hard drive

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I have more than 60 portable hard drives.  45 of these drives are fire wire, the other 5 were given to me.   There is only one great portable drive, and it is this drive -

I know this is a bold statement,  but I see people giving other portable drives props on the internet and they just don’t compare to this LaCie

When choosing a portable drive, you don’t want a FAN.  A fan on a portable drive is a bad sign.  It means that the drive is going to crash sooner rather than later.  The drive will stop working and the drive will die.  I have never had a LaCie portable fail on me and I have taken these drives to 60+ countries including the harshest places on the planet

Unfortunately the APPLE store sells some the industries worst 1TB portable drives.  You will need to order this drive from B&H.

If you are doing work that is valuable to you then use this drive - LACIE 1TB