Ambush Bugs in Arizona

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The tiny hunter.  The ambush bug was plentiful in Prescott, Arizona.  8 of these little guys could fit on a thumb nail.

Canon 5D
Canon 65mm MP-E
Canon Macro Flash MT-24ex

Graham Holmberg – the champ

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In 2010, the fittest man alive was Graham Holmberg.  In 2011 he finished 4th place at the CrossFit Games.
These stats are mega impressive and definitely make Graham a front-runner for 2012.

This shot was captured in Graham’s gym in Columbus, Ohio in June of 2011, just prior to the CrossFit Games.


Canon 5D
Canon flash 580EX11
Canon lens 16-35mm

go see this movie

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Drive – 13 million dollar wonder movie

If the Cohen brother would have made this movie, it would be critically acclaimed and up for several academy awards.

Sound track, editing, story, acting, script, cinematography, pacing blah blah blah…. it is all GREAT.  See it with a friend in a theater.

Nicolas Winding Refn

Hossein Amini (screenplay), James Sallis (book)

Ryan GoslingCarey Mulligan and Bryan Cranston


Zeiss 50 Macro 2.0

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I picked up a Zeiss 50mm macro from Duclos lenses.  I don’t use it as much as I wish I did.

Great lens, unique feel, unique look, no auto focus and exterior aperture ring.

This lens is not for the lazy shooter.  You must be vigilant with keeping your subject in focus.  The lens is sharp and attention to detail on the part of the photographer is vital for good pictures.

Love the lens and love the video conversion Duclos applied to this lens which was originally a Nikon mount.

These photos were shot at the CrossFit Northeast Regional in 2011.

who is the fittest

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We would need to decide on a criteria, a set of guidelines, a set of observable, measurable and repeatable data points, to decide what species is the fittest.

There are 10 quintillion insects on the planet earth at any given moment.  That is a “1″ with 19 zeros following.  That is 1 billion insects for every human being.

These flies were enjoying some feces (unknown animal) in the San Diego desert.

Canon 7D
Canon Macro lens 65 MP-E
Canon MT 24 EX flash

Mikko Salo

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In 2009, in Aromas, California, a champion was crowned.  Mikko Salo from Finland not only won the 2009 CrossFit Games but also the hearts of the CrossFit community.  Mikko contributed to the legend that is CROSSFIT.

He worked hard, seemed unstoppable, and popularized the “no lying down” rule after a grueling workout. Mikko explained to the CrossFit Community in a variety of videos that he does not like to lie down after a workout out, like a wounded animal.

Mikko is rarely seen with his shirt off, but on a recent visit to Rogue headquarters in Columbus, Ohio I was able to get a few rare shots of Mikko and Dan Bailey (6th place at the CrossFit Games 2011).

Canon 5D
Canon 50mm 1.2
NIK post software