Can you find the dog ?

posted on 2011.07.23, under Photos

I am driving from California to Ohio to film with last years champ, Graham Holmberg, the fittest man in the world.  After shooting with Graham I will dart down to Cookeville, Tennessee, to film with the last years (2010) 2nd place finisher at the CrossFit Games, Rich Froning.

I tried to drive from Phoenix to Columbus in one hall, but fell way short and landed in Oklahoma.  Here is a photo of my hotel room.  Having two beds is great. I always ask for two queen size beds, so that I have a place to stash my camera equipment.

Can you see my dog, Paramesh ?


you should train paramesh so that he does not scare away the maid

nick ( July 24, 2011 at 8:48 am )

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