Bug week

posted on 2011.07.26, under Canon 5D Mark II, Macro, Photos

Ants with stolen booty

5X using the Canon MP-E

Bugs, insects, invertebrates, and creepy crawlies along with other beautiful bodies coming to this blog soon.

I was at a gas station in middle america, I think it was Kentucky, and I spotted these ants stealing a hornet larva, or bee pupa, or whatever you want to call it, from a nest and carrying it away to their ant hill.

The Canon macro lens has introduced an entire new world to me!

More bodies coming soon!


awesome ant photo. we have been taking a lot of photos with the macro too. especially of insects. did you see the one on lemariannefranceexperiance? that is a cicada molting. Talk to you soon!

nick ( July 27, 2011 at 12:37 am )

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