Iceland Annie

posted on 2011.09.08, under Black and White Photo, Canon 5D Mark II, Lens, Photos

She is the fittest woman in the world.  Annie Thorisdottir put on a show of strength, stamina and skills this past July, at the 2011 CrossFit Games.

I am in Iceland this week shooting a journal video with Annie, or as we affectionately call her in the states, Iceland Annie.

Like Rich Froning, Annie is also a photographers dream.  After a long three days of shooting video with Annie, I switched the 5D into photo mode and snapped a few stills.   Here a few, I will post more later.

These photos, were all taken with natural light at ISO 640.  There is a great row of windows at her CrossFit Gym in Reykjavik that lets in the evening sun.

Canon 5D


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