Juame Plensa: Echo-Madison Sqaure Park

posted on 2011.04.27, under HDR Photos

I had a gig in NYC this week.  OH  I LOVE THIS PLACE!  I went on one of my usual 100+ block walks and passed through Madison Square Park.

I saw a sculpture that just stopped me in my tracks.  It was large and 3 dimensional, but when I stared at it for more than a few seconds it appeared to become flat, 2D, like a photo.

The interaction with the sculpture facilitated peace and comfort to my state of mind.  It was a great experience.  I saw the creator, Jaume Plensa from afar, but I got a chance to speak with Mary Bosakowski, a filmmaker who was documenting the installation process.   This work is called “ECHO”  and it is worth checking out!





















Photo Stats:

Canon 7D
ISO: 160




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