Mother’s Day and the Canon 24mm

posted on 2011.05.17, under Flash, Lens, Photos

On Mother’s Day morning, before I saw my mom, I took out the 7D and the Canon Speedlite 580EX II. I snapped a couple of photos of a lady I met in front of Peet’s Coffee on Shattuck Ave, in Berkeley, California. She told me a story about her daughter and her daughter’s Chihuahua. She said, “when I sleep over my daughter’s house, we share a bed and the dog sleeps under the covers with us.” She also shared the details of her previous night in the shelter. She said that 5 girls jumped her and took her money. She claimed she did not provoke them, but that she was very drunk.

While I was talking with her, a passerby gave her a few dollars. She then went to the store and bought both herself and a random person she just met, a cup of coffee. She was generous with the little she had.






Photo Stats

Camera and Flash- 7D & Speedlite 580EXII
Lens- Canon 24mm
ISO 100
1/125 & 1/200

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