Video with Canon 65mm MP-E lens

posted on 2011.05.22, under Macro, Photos, Video

The MP-E macro lens with the MT-24EX flash is a child’s dream.  If I would have had this lens/flash combo as a child I would have never put it down.

Walking home from the French Hotel, one of my favorite hangouts, I stopped and took some photos with a 24mm lens on a 5D and I shot some video with the 7D and the Canon Macro Lens, 65mm MP-E.   I shot this footage at 30p, ISO 5000, shutter speed 60 and F/16.

This is just a quick glimpse a 2 minute handheld session.

More reviews of this lens flash combo to come!

And if you are ever in Berkeley, California, the French Hotel is a must stop for coffee-house lovers.  I have been to 1000 coffee houses around the world, this place is numero uno.



Allison ( May 22, 2011 at 10:25 pm )

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