Ushi, Armenia (2) with the 70-200mm

posted on 2011.05.21, under Lens, Photos

As I mentioned in an earlier post – I am in Armenia with my dad.  The town you see in these photos is Ushi, Armenia.  The town population is 2000 and it is 20 miles outside of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.  It is late May and it has been raining for 7 days, and everything is green.

The Canon 70-200mm lens with a steady hand, is a dream lens.   You really do need to concentrate on holding this paper weight still.  As you look through the view finder, you can really notice the slights jiggle or deviation from your desired framing.

I have seen many of these lens take abuse far beyond what I thought a lens could handle.  I have seen these lens in Antarctica in freezing blizzards, the vicious heat of the Gobi Desert in China, and the 50+ mile an hour sand storms of the Atacama – and this lens just keeps on rolling.  My lens got pretty darn wet today, and I wasn’t concerned in the least.

The lens was on a Canon 7D.

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