Canon 16-35 in Armenia – Narrative in pictures

posted on 2011.05.23, under Canon 5D Mark II, Photos

I was hanging out in Yerevan, outside my relatives house, and this car was cruising through the neighborhood selling goods from the trunk.  No it wasn’t Too-Short selling his latest single.  It was a man and a woman who make a living selling produce from their trunk.  I knew they were legit when I saw the scale on the back seat.  All photos were tinkered with using Aperture 3.

The 16-35 on the 5D is an experience that all dedicated photographers and filmmakers should have!  If you can get near your subject, this lens should be at the top of your goto list.   You will need to accept some distortion around the edges.  I personally like this effect.  As a viewer, it makes me feel as if I have entered somebody’s personal space!


that is what they call in south africa…ZEF!!!

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