Shooting Stills at 5000 ISO

posted on 2011.06.26, under Photos

While visiting Yerevan I shot some stills with the Armenian National Ballet.  This was one week before their final dress rehearsal and there was a bit of a lighting issue.   I ended up having to shoot at ISO 5000, shutter speed 1/60, and f /2.8, using the Canon 70-200.

This was not ideal and I actually scheduled a re-shoot in a couple of days when they have lighting fully operational.   I shot one thousand photos at ISO 5000-6400 and it was painful when I got home and looked at the photos.  They are very noisy and lack sharpness.  It was a great experience for low light shooting.

I also shot some video at 5000 ISO, that will come to a blog post soon!

On a side note, the ballet, Romeo and Juliet, was spectacular.



Would’ve been interesting to see if something like 135mm f/2 could have done the trick, although 5000 ISO is really really high :P
Looking forward to the video edition though.

Ágúst ( June 28, 2011 at 3:58 pm )

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