HDR – Photomatix and NIK software – Mount Ararat, Armenia

posted on 2011.05.26, under HDR Photos, Photos

High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR) is basically the technique of taking multiple photographs at different exposure settings and blending them together, to create one photograph.  This new photograph created from multiple photographs now covers a larger “exposure” range than any single photograph can display on its own.  There is software that blends the photographs together.

I started off using Photmatix for HDR.   It is a great plugin for Aperture 3 and it is easy to use.  Just take a few photos and, click the mouse a couple times and you get something incredible, a high dynamic range photo!  I was in awe!   Then I purchased the complete NIK set of plugins for Aperture 3.  NIK is incredible.  Here are two sets of photos photos – one with Photmatix and one with NIK HDR efex pro.

I really can’t say which program is better.  I definitely like using both plugins and have not chosen one over the other.  I do believe that the NIK software is more robust and offers more options.



Those shots on the bottom are incredible! What amazing scenery.

Adrian ( May 29, 2011 at 1:50 pm )

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