Handheld with the Canon 16-35mm & 5D

posted on 2011.06.30, under Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, HDR Photos, Photos, Video

This 13th century church sits on top of a hill in Ushi, Armenia.  I hiked about 1000 meters up a grassy hillside with my gear (see video).  The ancient church was beautiful, creepy, and an opportunity I could not miss.  Places like this don’t exist in the USA, and if they do, they have been roped off and access is from afar (i.e. Montezuma Castle).   I knew the rain was coming.  The clouds were dark so I quickly grabbed as many shots as I could in 30 minutes and then ran back down the hill.

I have included 2 videos, one that shows my gear and one that shows the church, and a couple photos I snapped from the hill-top.  90% of the shots are with the 16-35mm and a couple of shots are with the 70-200mm.

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