3 portraits and a Pepsi machine

posted on 2011.07.08, under Black and White Photo, Lens, Photos

A stroke of luck is scoring 3 top-notch models in one afternoon.  I met this crew one by one over a 1 hour period on the backside of the Opera house in Yerevan.  It was totally random, I just ran into this crew and the photo shoot was on!  They are a stunning bunch.

I used the 16-35mm lens, Canon 580EXII flash, Apple Mac Book Pro, 64 GB Pro Master flash card, Think Tank Sling-O-Matic 10 carrying bag, Aperture 3 and NIK software.

I moved between the subjects.  I would shoot one person for a few shots then another person.  I used this technique for three reasons. I did not want to make anybody feel self-conscious.  I wanted the subject, to WANT to be filmed, as opposed to getting too much attention and wanting a break.  I noticed that each time I came back to one of the super models, they would be less interested in the camera, and I would get a more natural shot.

Eventually some strange characters came, KGB type, thuggish guys, and I split, but more of that story in another post, along with some video.

If you are sitting on the fence regarding the NIK complete software set up, get off the fence and make the purchase.  If you love your photos, and want to treat them to something special, the NIK software will be your new favorite gear.  I use NIK as an Aperture plugin.

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