Pepsi Machine Continued

posted on 2011.07.09, under Black and White Photo, Canon 5D Mark II, Photos

I met the guy with the Armenia + army fatigues outfit and hat while walking in the mega outdoor cafe area, behind the Yerevan Opera House.  As I passed him, he smiled and put his hand out.  He tried to squeeze my hand as hard as he could, I think this was some sort of male bonding thing.   I pulled my hand away and laughed.

We talked for 40 minutes (video coming soon, not all 40 minutes) and walked to a Pepsi stand (refrigerator).   He told me that he had 3 grandsons who were in the Nagorno Karabakh War and that two of the boys killed an enemy soldier.  He was very proud and told me that his life was now dedicated to spreading Armenian Patriotism.

The young lady is 18, she turns 19 in September.  She has left school because she cannot afford the tuition even though she was a straight A student.  This was her first day working the Pepsi fridge.   She was scheduled for a 13 hour shift.   Her English was broken and she said she learned to speak English from watching TV.

The grey haired guy just showed up out of nowhere.  His name was Sasoon, and he was friends with Mr. Armenia.

Hanging with this crew made for a pleasant afternoon, in the 80 degree Yerevan heat.

photo stats
ISO 160
Canon 5D
16-35mm Lens


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