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Today the guy who repaired my Iphone (video coming soon) told me that the Apple Store in China is larger than the store in London, Covent Garden, which I was told a few days ago is “the Largest apple store in the World”.  I will visit the store in China and let you know, or you can google it.

Today when I passed the Apple Covent Garden store , I saw a poster for a free live performance starring Nitin Sawhney.

I came back at the stated show time, 6:30PM, and I was blown away.  The three ladies accompanying  Mr. Nitin put on a musical clinic that showcased music that seemed to transport the crowded room to another land.  This was totally unexpected, as I had never heard of this bloke, Mr. Nitin Sawhney or his mystical women.

I have searched YouTube and the Itunes store for the songs I heard performed live at the Apple Store and I have not found them.  A damn shame!

The range of music that these ladies belted out was incredible.

photo stats
Canon 5D
Lens – Canon 16-35mm & 70-200MM
Aperture 3 with NIK plugin
Crumpler Bag


I saw the same group of performers in Melbourne about three weeks ago and was also blown away by them. I’m hoping they will put out an album with the same material and musicians.
Love your shots of the gig, I’m going to explore more of your site now.

John Mayger ( September 21, 2012 at 11:32 pm )

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