Ancient Church Video

posted on 2011.07.19, under Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, Gear, Lens, Video

Just up the hill from my Dad’s house in Ushi, Armenia, there is an old 13th Century Church.  It was a church, and I guess it is still a church.  It is busted up a bit, but considering it is 700+ years old, it looks pretty cool.  I was the only one around during filming.  It was a bit eerie.

I shot hand held using mostly the 16-35 on the Canon 5D. There are two tripod shots and one or two shots with the Canon 70-200.  I spent about 90 minutes hiking up/down the hill and filming.  I spent another 90 minutes assembling, another 90 minutes rendering/uploading to youtube on my lap top.  I am guessing a total of 270 minutes on a short 1 man production like this.

Here is a video showing the equipment I took up the hill with me.


very beautiful sevan…loved the poppys

nick ( July 20, 2011 at 2:33 pm )

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