About Sevan Matossian

Throughout most of my life, I have taken pictures. Thousands of pictures. Even when it required film. I love taking pictures of people, and then giving them the photos.

Once upon a time, I bought my second video camera at Circuit City along with an Apple G3 lap top (wall street) and edited my first movie using Final Cut Pro, while living in my automobile. I plugged the computer into the cigarette lighter of my 1977 Chinook.

Flash forward to 2011. I have shot movies in 60 + countries and directed several feature-length movies, TV shows, commercials and thousands of videos, and have won over 40 film festival awards.

Flash back to early 2010. A friend pointed me towards DSLR cameras. From the day I purchased my first Canon 7D, I have not put it down. The only time I am not carrying my DSLR around is when I am in front of a computer.

I soon realized  that I needed information about DSLRs. I was thirsty for knowledge and it was through reading other people’s BLOGS that I was able to take huge steps forward with confidence.

The purpose of my blog is to share information, techniques and tips that I have both learned  and continue to learn,  so that others can expedite their own learning process, and hopefully have some fun along the way.

I am not an authority,  just a passionate filmmaker on the journey.


Sevan Matossian