Man and Canine

posted on 2011.12.31, under Canon 5D Mark II, Lens, Photos, portraits, Zeiss

Canon 5D
Zeis 50 (2.0)
Elinchrom Ranger 


Dr. Dre, the dog and the woman

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Shot in the studio using a Zeiss 50mm Macro.



Zeiss 50 Macro 2.0

posted on 2011.10.20, under Canon 5D Mark II, Photos, Zeiss

I picked up a Zeiss 50mm macro from Duclos lenses.  I don’t use it as much as I wish I did.

Great lens, unique feel, unique look, no auto focus and exterior aperture ring.

This lens is not for the lazy shooter.  You must be vigilant with keeping your subject in focus.  The lens is sharp and attention to detail on the part of the photographer is vital for good pictures.

Love the lens and love the video conversion Duclos applied to this lens which was originally a Nikon mount.

These photos were shot at the CrossFit Northeast Regional in 2011.